Are you looking into orthodontic treatment? Are you unimpressed by the 12, 24, or even 36 months it might take to achieve results with traditional braces or even Invisalign? We have a solution for you. At Edgewood Dental Care, we offer an orthodontic solution called Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles can help you achieve beautiful results in … you guessed it … just six months! That means you can have a beautiful smile just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Today we would like to talk to you about what Six Month Smiles is, how it works, and it can improve your life. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office. We would be delighted to assist you.

Why A Beautiful Smile Is Important
A beautiful smile will get you places! If you have a beautiful smile, you are more likely to be successful at … well, everything! Especially in your love life. If you have been having trouble landing a date with the girl from work … or maybe you are just looking to impress your sweetheart … Six Month Smiles can help you. Six Month Smiles will straighten your teeth and help you look confident, relaxed, and attractive.

Six Month Smiles 101
Six Month Smiles is actually pretty simple to understand. It works so quickly because it focuses ONLY on the teeth that are visible when you smile. By targeting your front teeth only, this system can make dramatic cosmetic changes in your smile in just a short amount of time. However, this does mean that it is not suitable for orthodontic problems that are more complicated or that involve the full mouth or bite.
Six Month Smiles also uses clear ceramic brackets and tooth-colored wires to get the job done. That means that even during the short amount of time that your braces will actually be on, they will be less noticeable than traditional treatment options. Our patients love this option because they are typically students and professionals with personal images to maintain! Look your best while doing your best to improve your smile!

Frequently Asked Questions
Have a question about Six Month Smiles? We are here to answer them! Below are just some of the questions we get on a regular basis. Our team would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Does treatment hurt?
No! Because Six Month Smiles targets on the front teeth that are visible when you smile (and because the problems that it is correcting are purely cosmetic), the system will not be yanking your teeth around like traditional braces might! While you will feel pressure during treatment, it should never reach painful levels. Please contact our team if you are undergoing orthodontic treatment and are experiencing pain … we would be happy to see what we can do to make you comfortable.

How will it impact my social life?
Six Month Smiles could impact your social life in a huge way. A beautiful smile says a lot about a person. If you want to look confident, secure, and competent, you want the help of Six Month Smiles. Schedule an examination with our team to determine if Six Month Smiles is the best solution for you.

Can it REALLY be done in just six months?
Yup! Patients often wonder if Six Month Smiles can really give them the results they want in just six months … it can! While, of course, results may vary depending on your specific circumstance, this system’s special targeting technique is designed for fast results.

How To Schedule A Consultation
Are you ready to get started on your beautiful new smile? Do you simply want to know more about Six Month Smiles? Either way, our team would be delighted to help you get the information you need to make the best decision for your smile. If you choose Six Month Smiles, you can have a beautiful, straight smile that your partner or potential partner will love just in time for Valentine’s Day! To book your consultation, please give us a call at 859-474-7830. You can also send us a message using our online contact form. We look forward to working with you!