Whitening your teeth is almost like playing the lottery, isn’t it? You never know if you’re going to see results and most of the time you’re just spending money on nothing! For many people wanting whiter teeth it’s a sort of “fool me once …” situation – they don’t want to try another whitening product just to not see any results!

If you count yourself among that crowd then you’ve found the right place! At Edgewood Dental Care we offer one of the most advanced, result-delivering whitening systems available: KöR deep bleaching! This amazing tooth whitening system produces real results by tackling all the problems that other whitening problems face and finding the perfect solution for them!

What Is KöR Deep Bleaching?
KöR is a revolution in teeth whitening. For every whitening solution there are countless problems and inefficiencies that kill it’s effectiveness and ability to really provide results. You could end up with splotchy, uneven whitening, tooth sensitivity, or the worst: no results at all!

KöR has been designed from the ground up to tackle these problems and provide you with real, visible results in the office or at home!

How Does KöR Whiten Better?
Better Preservation
Teeth whitening gels are overwhelmingly made of hydrogen peroxide, and KöR is no different. Hydrogen peroxide can whiten teeth, but there’s a major problem: it’s unstable and breaks down incredibly easily! KöR has overcome that problem incredibly easily: they refrigerate their whitening gel from production until use!

By refrigerating the whitening gel it maintains potency and delivers amazing results! You won’t have to worry about weakened whitening gel with KöR!

Better Whitening Trays
There’s another major problem with hydrogen peroxide, and this one’s a doozy! Your saliva actually destroys it too – and what’s your mouth full of? Saliva! When you use most whitening products you’re losing strength the minute they hit your mouth and saliva starts to flow! But KöR gets around this problem too – your whitening trays are custom fit to your teeth and are made to seal out saliva!
When you decide to get a KöR whitening treatment we’ll start by taking an impression of your teeth. We’ll use these to build custom whitening trays – you’ll be getting concentrated whitening gel that won’t lose efficiency due to the natural fluids in your mouth!

Better Delivery
Whitening gels are made of a series of compounds that break down when they mix together. We want this breakdown to happen – that’s what releases the oxygen and water that helps destroy stains! What we don’t want is compounds that are mixed together before we get ready to apply them!

You can probably see where we’re going with this by now: most whitening systems don’t account for this breakdown! KöR gels come in three barrels to keep them all separated and safe – most systems just use two!

KöR Protects Against Sensitivity!
Whitening is known for causing sensitivity, which is yet another thing that KöR combats! You may not realize that your teeth have pores, but they do! That’s where sensitivity comes in: the whitening gel can get between those pores and irritate your teeth!

KöR comes with a pre-treatment gel that you apply to your teeth before your whitening. This gel is formulated to get into your teeth’s pores and protect them from sensitivity! It’s a great way to combat one of the most common complaints associated with teeth whitening!

In Our Office Or At Home, Get Great Results!
KöR is available in our office or from the comfort of your own home! Our in-office treatment is fast and you’ll see results immediately, but you might want the convenience of a couple weeks of wearing your trays in the evening – whichever you chose we can provide!

If you’re interested in finally ending your quest for bright, white teeth our Edgewood dentist office can help! We’re ready to get you great results that last with KöR deep bleaching!

Schedule your first KöR appointment by calling us at 859-474-7830 or by filling out our online appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!