That might sound a bit odd, but it’s true! The best dental care you can ever get is the kind at Edgewood Dental Care that prevents problems from ever happening or stops them early! We’re thrilled to be able to offer a wide array of preventive dental treatments that can keep your mouth healthy!

Proactive care is an important part of every aspect of health. You may only see the doctor or the dentist when there’s a problem but a physical or dental checkup is an essential part of staying healthy – any doctor will tell you that!

Our preventive treatments aim to do the same thing as a regular physical: identify problems early, treat them before they cause harm, and stop other ones from happening. Not only is it good for your health it’s good for your wallet too!

What Is Preventive Dental Care?
Preventive dental care is focused around one thing: stopping cavities and gum disease from happening. Because those are the two kinds of serious dental issues that can occur outside of trauma and injury we focus our preventive energies on keeping oral bacteria from doing its worst!

Plaque bacteria is the source of all your mouth’s health woes. If you’ve ever noticed that white sticky film that forms on your mouth over the course of the day then you’ve noticed plaque. It’s full of bacteria and a lot of that bacteria wants to do you harm! It gets its fuel from the sugars in foods you eat. That sugar is metabolized into acids that eat away at your teeth and can harm your gums as well!
So we use preventive techniques to minimize plaque, clean it from places you can’t reach at home, and stop it from causing serious harm!

What Kind Of Services Are Considered Preventive?
Most obvious on the preventive care scale is your routine exam and cleaning. We use the time at your six-month checkups to take detailed digital images of your teeth, gums, and bone structure so that we know exactly where your oral health stands! By getting months and years of records in your file we can notice when any little thing changes!

Our cleanings involve thoroughly removing any plaque or tartar that has built up over the last six months. Regular brushing and flossing can do a good job of preventing excess plaque but it’s never enough! There are some spots you simply can’t get to at home.

The other preventive services we offer include:

  • fluoride treatments that help boost your enamel and protect your teeth! Fluoride has the ability to bond to your teeth and help regrow enamel that’s lost to decay. It’s a constant battle against plaque acids and fluoride gives you a definite edge! For patients that are particularly cavity prone we can also offer special extra-strength fluoride toothpaste to keep the fight up at home.
  • toothbrush recommendations that take your teeth into account! We recommend Oral-B Triumph toothbrushes for most of our patients. The Triumph is an electric toothbrush that’s so advanced it even includes a brushing timer that tells you when to switch areas of your mouth! Brushing for the right amount of time is essential in keeping your teeth healthy and you can get all the oral health info you need from this amazing product!
  • nutritional counseling for patients worried about their diets. What you eat is a big part of your oral health! Consuming too much sugar and even carbohydrates can do bad things for your smile and we’re more than happy to take the time to talk with you about any dietary concerns you have! We can help you work up a good dental-conscious diet that will really help your teeth stay healthy!

Keeping your mouth cavity and gum disease free is a full time job! We want to help you make it as easy as possible and that’s why regular dental care is so essential! Don’t fall into the look of reacting to your health problems when you can prevent them!

Over 90 percent of people will suffer from tooth decay during their lives. We can help you stay in that ten percent of people who don’t but only with regular care and disciplined brushing and flossing! Let our Edgewood dental team keep your smile in tip-top shape by coming and seeing us today!

You can reach Edgewood Dental Care by calling us at 859-474-7830 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!