An important part of good health, both bodily and dental, is being prepared for everything. That includes emergencies, which is why many of us keep first aid kits at home. If you have one in your home does it include emergency dental care supplies? Chances are it doesn’t!

Today we want to talk about the best possible supplies you can keep in a dental first aid kit and why you should have them. Our Edgewood dentist office wants you to be prepared for every dental emergency – we’ll see you same-day but you still need to know how to triage the injury at home!

Supplies For The Initial Response

  • Always be sure you have a good pair of rubber gloves, and keep a backup set made from vinyl handy in case someone is allergic to latex. Gloves are essential if you’re going to be treating someone else.
  • A dental mirror can help you see the injury, especially if it’s in a hard-to-reach place. You can buy these mirrors at the drugstore, and some even come with attached lights to help increase visibility.
  • Cleaning the area of blood or dirt is best done with alcohol wipes. Make sure they’re the single packet disposable kinds – those are the most sterile. Once the wound has been cleaned you’ll be able to better see the extent of the injury.

Supplies For Treating The Wound

  • The best way to do a more in-depth cleaning is with cotton swabs. Use them to get the tight, hard-to-clean spots, and you can also use them to apply topical creams and gels as needed.
  • Cotton balls are ideal for stopping bleeding or otherwise protecting the injury. You can place them in a tooth socket, in a cheek, or anywhere else it’s hard to stop bleeding or control the injury.
  • Keep some salt handy – it’s great for making a mouth rinse that will flush out any bacteria or other infections particles. Mix it with clean water and swish the water around. It will burn a bit but that’s how you know it’s working!
  • Floss needs to be present too. Sometimes a dental injury can result from food getting stuck between teeth or some tissue being lodged in a bad spot. Dental floss can get those stuck particles out in order to relieve pain and make treating the wound easier.

Managing Pain And Discomfort

  • Dental wax is an essential part of any first aid kit. It’s great at covering broken orthodontic wires, brackets, sharp fractured teeth, and other problems that come up because of an oral injury. It’s available at most drugstores and is generally sold for protecting braces patients from injury.
  • Managing pain can be tough, but a topical anesthetic can work wonders. Keep a tube handy and apply with a cotton swab as needed.
  • You can never go wrong with some ibuprofen or other pain reliever. Avoid aspirin because it thins the blood, however. You don’t want any more bleeding than there has to be!
  • Temporary dental filling material comes in a tube and is used to replace lost fillings and stick those that are still around back in place. It’s a very temporary solution and won’t hold up to a meal, but it’s perfect if you’re just coming to see us right away.
  • Reattaching a crown that has fallen off is best done with vaseline. When you fill a crown with it and place it back on its tooth the vaseline squeezes out and forms a nice tight seal. It’s preferable to a sticky adhesive because it’s so easy to get off once you come in.
  • A cold pack should be kept handy too. Sometimes it’s all that stands between you and the swelling and pain of a dental injury. We recommend the disposable one-use cold packs that you can keep right in your kit. The worst time to not be able to find an ice pack is when you need it most!

Emergency Patients Seen Today!
Never hesitate to call Edgewood Dental Care right away in the case of an emergency treatment need! If we’re here we’ll try everything we can to see you in the same day. Emergencies are stressful, unpredictable situations, so let us help you make it a bit easier!

If you’re having a dental emergency call us right away at 859-474-7830, or for non-emergency needs request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!