A single missing tooth can completely change your life. You lose confidence in your looks, you start avoiding social situations … and before you know it you notice more teeth loosening. It’s a scary prospect and one that many of our patients know too well. While we always want to prevent tooth loss at Edgewood Dental Care we also want to provide our patients with a great way to restore lost teeth: dental implants.

The revolution in dental restoration that implants enable has been great for patients missing one or more teeth – even full sets of teeth can be replaced! Our whole dental team loves placing implants because of the changes we’re able to make in our patient’s lives. Countless Edgewood area residents have had their lives transformed by implants, which is exactly what we want to do for you!

Get Your Bite Back
How long has it been since you’ve eaten your favorite foods? Whether you’re missing teeth or are wearing dentures that don’t stay in place you’re likely dealing with a restricted diet. Not only does that restriction make eating less enjoyable, it also leaves you with nutritional problems that can have a serious effect on your health.

Dental implants can change that completely. Because they’re anchored directly into your bone like the root of a natural tooth they give the same amount of support: you’ll be able to eat almost anything that you could with natural teeth! Not only will that improve your quality of life and food options, it will improve your health as well!

Eliminate Denture Discomfort
Do you wear dentures? If so you’ve probably dealt with the discomfort and irritation that comes with all that force on your gums. Eating can be difficult enough when you have to worry about them falling out, but you have to deal with pain from chewing too!

Dental implants are truly lifelike replacements for lost teeth. Made of titanium, they’re placed like an implant and bind to your bone to create a strong, long-lasting solution. The force from chewing won’t be forced into your gums anymore: it will go into the bone just like it did when you had natural teeth.

Look Better Than You Have In Years
Tooth loss significantly changes the shape of your face. The more teeth you lose the more your bite collapses, resulting in that sunken face look that you see in many people without teeth. Even with dentures in there’s still something a bit off, isn’t there? They just don’t quite fit right enough to look perfect!

Imagine all the bulkiness of your dentures and why it’s there: to keep them in place. With our full mouth dental implant solutions you’ll be getting a set of teeth that don’t need that extra bulk to stay where they’re supposed to. The full mouth bridges we offer look more natural, function better, and can take years off of your face. You have to see the results to truly believe it: they’re honestly amazing.

Care Couldn’t Be Easier
Sick of the oral hygiene hassle of dentures? We don’t blame you! With all the soaking, washing, rinsing, brushing topped off with the unreliability of the dentures themselves it’s enough to make you go crazy! What if you could eliminate all that hassle and walk out with permanent teeth in just a single visit?

We can place immediate load dental implants that are connected to a fixed bridge in just one visit. Imagine coming to our office and then going home to throw away all those denture accessories for good. It would feel great, wouldn’t it? More than one of our patients have told us how liberated they felt when they put all that junk in a plastic bag and threw it away for good!

Taking care of dental implants doesn’t require any special equipment: just a toothbrush and some toothpaste. You can care for dental implants just like natural teeth. It’s an amazing departure from the hassle of dentures!

Change Your Life With A Single Phone Call
We want to help you life a more fulfilled life that involves confidence, easy and fun family time, all the foods you love, and no fear to smile. All of that can be yours with the dental implant solutions we offer at Edgewood Dental Care. All it takes is a call to our office to set up your first consultation appointment.

Take control of your teeth for good: call our Edgewood office today at 859-474-7830 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!