A few days ago, our Edgewood KY dental office had a patient who was struggling mightily with bad dentures. This patient had dentures for a few decades and was fed up with the daily routine of applying her adhesives and then worrying about her appliance sliding around in the mouth.

She was at her wit’s end. So we told her about a special tool that could restore her smile to nearly its original state: dental implants. At Edgewood Dental Care, we offer a variety of dental implant solutions to restore your smile. From replacing one tooth to all of your teeth, you can find the answers to your problems at our office. Just call us at 859-474-7830 or use the online form.

What missing teeth are doing to your smile  

To understand how to best treat missing teeth, you need to know what causes missing teeth. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. It claims more teeth than tooth decay or trauma. Once the teeth are lost, the jawbone will recede, changing the shape of your face. People without teeth often lose the vertical height between their nose and chin and develop wrinkles around the mouth. Of course, this makes people look much older than they really are.
The jawbone recession will also affect the fit of a denture. It’s hard to find a good denture fit when the jawbone constantly is changing shape. Dentures wearers know this problem all-too-well. Their dentures slide around while they try to eat, or they develop sores in their mouth from the appliances.

Secure your teeth today

Getting back to our patient above … She wanted an option to secure her teeth. We ran through a few of her dental implant options. In short, we told her that dental implants would help her eat the food she loves again. Here is a small summary of that conversation, so you’ll see what it’s like to be a patient of ours.
What dental implants can do for you … We can place a few dental implants around your arch to stabilize your dentures. The implants actually merges with the jawbone, so the implant becomes part of your body. The implants will also help preserve your jawbone.

What mini dental implants can do for you … When it comes to placing dental implants, the big factor is your jawbone level. If you have a thin jawbone, then you may not be a candidate for traditional dental implants. But don’t worry, this is why we have mini dental implants, Our mini dental implants works just like traditional dental implants, but they are smaller in diameter. Mini dental implants are great because they often can help you forgo extensive gum and bone grafting.

How we place the implants

Placing a dental implants requires oral surgery. You might see that term and cringe, but just wait. Today’s dental implants can be placed with a 98 percent success rate. That’s a huge success rate for any medical procedure. The reason is because we are great at vetting our candidates and because of technology.
At Edgewood Dental Care, we use advanced 3D technology to map out your dental implant procedure. Using the 3D technology, we can located the best location for the implant, minimize your time in the chair, and minimize your post-treatment recovery.

For the patient we mentioned earlier in the post, she was ready to commit to dental implants immediately after we discussed the many benefits. Implants are the strongest tooth replacement option you’ll find in dentistry. With implants, you can eat whatever you want and never again have the worry about your teeth flying out of your mouth.
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