A damaged tooth used to take a long time to replace. There was the need to send all the work out to a dental lab, who would hand craft a crown or other dental restoration by hand. The restoration would then be sent back to your dentist – the whole process could take weeks and leave you with an ugly, unreliable temporary restoration!

Those days are over at Edgewood Dental Care! Using the latest dental technology we are able to create beautiful, lifelike dental crowns in our office while you wait – you can usually expect to have your crown in about an hour!

Same-Day Restorations With CEREC
We use a state-of-the-art CEREC CAD/CAM machine to build our dental crowns from a digital model of your teeth. No matter your reason for needing a crown we can build you one in no time at all! CEREC creates crowns using ceramic blocks that are placed in the machine and shaped into crowns using diamond-tipped burrs. The CEREC machine gets instructions from our modeling of a new tooth and once it comes out it will look realistic and be color matched to your natural teeth!

Getting a crown starts with reshaping of your tooth. The remaining healthy portion of your tooth needs to be small enough to fit perfectly underneath your crown, which is achieved by removing damaged portions and smoothing the remaining tooth into a roughly cylindrical shape.

Once your tooth is the ideal shape we’ll take a 3D digital scan of it using our intraoral scanner. This information is fed into a computer that allows us to use computer aided drafting technology – the same that architects use to design buildings – to build your brand-new tooth. You’ll even be able to see the process for yourself – the screen is right in the same room as our scanner!

Once we’ve modeled the perfect new tooth we’ll feed that information to the CEREC machine. We’ll pick one of our various shades of ceramic that matches your teeth and let the machine take it from there! In just about an hour your crown will be ready and we’ll place it in your mouth. That’s all there is to it – no fuss, no waiting, and no healing time. Just a brand new crown in one visit!

Why Get A Dental Crown
There are multiple reasons why patients may get a dental crown and CEREC is the perfect solution for all of them! Our one-day crowns look and feel just as amazing as one that’s crafted by hand. If you can’t tell the difference no one else will be able to either!

  • Tooth Decay: when a tooth becomes too decayed to be repaired with a filling we’ll use a crown to protect the remaining healthy portion from damage. We’ll first eliminate the cavity and any remaining decayed portions of the tooth before reshaping it to perfectly cover and protect your tooth.
  • Replacing Old Fillings: fillings that stay in your mouth longer than they should have are prone to causing extra decay and damage to teeth. When that happens it might be too late to simply replace a filling so we’ll have to remove it and crown the tooth.
  • Root Canal Restoration: after performing a root canal the best practice is to restore the tooth with a crown. This will help protect it and prevent further infection or decay, allowing you to keep your natural tooth for years to come.
  • Cosmetic Improvement: sometimes a crown is the best option for giving a tooth a new look. We can use crowns to reshape and beautify a tooth that’s just always been one you don’t like!

The Solutions You Want In A Single Visit!
CEREC technology is truly an amazing improvement on traditional dental crowns. The materials are just as lifelike and strong, the function is just as great, but the time it takes to complete is just a fraction! We’re confident that you’ll absolutely love the look that a CEREC crown can give you – all you need to do now is pick up the phone and call our Edgewood dentist office!

You can reach Edgewood Dental Care by calling us at 859-474-7830 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!