Did you know that around 40 percent of people say that they would like to change their teeth? A lot of those people think they need orthodontic correction, but a lot of them are well past the point of thinking that braces are practical. Have you wanted a straighter smile but don’t want to compromise with a mouth full of metal to get it?

At Edgewood Dental Care we completely understand. It’s not fun to wear braces, especially as an adult. While alternative short-term orthodontic treatments may be attractive they aren’t the best fit for all patients. Those treatments can straighten teeth, but serious issues with your bite alignment aren’t repairable with short-term cosmetically-focused treatments.

What Can You Do To Straighten Your Teeth Invisibly?
A lot of people worry that straighter teeth will require several years of super-noticeable, grey metal braces that will completely ruin their social, personal, and professional lives. Adults who want straighter teeth used to not have many options, but times have changed!

If you’re just now experiencing the benefits of being an independent adult who can treat yourself to things like orthodontic care you’re coming into this stage of life at just the right time: we can straighten your teeth using traditional methods with a big twist: it’s all made of ceramic!

Ceramic braces are an amazing advancement in dental technology that combines the proven effectiveness of traditional orthodontic technology with some of the densest, strongest, and most stain-resistant dental ceramics available today.

The ceramic that is used to construct your orthodontic brackets is the exact same kind used to create bridges, crowns, and other permanent dental restorations. That means it’s tough and won’t wear or break, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

The wires used in ceramic braces are invisible as well. They’re thin and coated in a tooth-colored material that will allow them to blend seamlessly into your teeth. It’s remarkable how hard it is to see tooth-colored braces!

Reasons To Choose Ceramic Braces
Choosing to get orthodontic care isn’t something to do lightly. If you’re an adult who needs to straighten their smile it makes sense to choose ceramic braces so that they don’t interfere with your daily life – that much is obvious. But why would you opt to undergo orthodontic care aside from straightening your smile?

Orthodontic care is far more than just a cosmetic procedure. The corrections that can be made by traditional braces can prevent pain, long-term problems, and a whole host of oral health issues!

  • Long-term bite problems can lead to pain in your jaw joint. That pain won’t get better, and will in fact continue to get worse and worse as time goes on.
  • Gapped or crowded teeth can increase your risk of developing gum disease or tooth decay. In the case of gaps the excess exposure of gum tissue is a danger for your oral health, and crowded teeth don’t allow for proper cleaning.
  • Severe alignment issues can cause uneven and premature tooth wear that increases your risk for serious decay and tooth loss.
  • If your bite is preventing proper chewing of your food you’ll end up suffering from digestive problems, acid reflux, and other stomach conditions that can make life really uncomfortable!

Ceramic Braces Are The Clear Choice
Adults who need orthodontic correction can find the best relief possible with traditional methods. Treatments like Invisalign and other accelerated options are wonderful for people who don’t need serious repairs, but there’s a reason why traditional braces are still used: they work!

We want to help you get the smile you want without sacrificing your smile to get it. Ceramic braces will amaze you at how well they blend into your teeth, get results, and barely show up at all during treatment.
Getting ceramic braces at our Edgewood office is simple – it all starts with an initial consultation to determine what orthodontic treatment is best for you. Once we know you’ll benefit from braces we’ll work with you to determine your desired outcome, your budget, and everything else that comes with your new smile.

You’ll be wearing unnoticeable braces in no time, and then they’ll be off before you know it!

Why Wait?  
Your orthodontic consultation will be a no-pressure event that will leave you with what you want most: options. If you’re ready to find out what treatments are best for you don’t wait another day: call Edgewood Dental Care today!

You can reach us at 859-474-7830 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!