When you look at your smile do you see something you love? What would you say is wrong with it? Like many people you could list a whole bunch of things you hate! That’s where Edgewood Dental Care comes in. We’re thrilled to offer you complete smile makeovers to get you a look you’ll love!

A smile makeover is your ticket to an amazing look you love! Think of us like fashion consultants for your teeth – we’ll get you the look you’ve always dreamed of using a variety of techniques!

What Is A Smile Makeover?
Think of a traditional makeover. When you want to change your look and create a “whole new you” you go to a stylist who can help you decide what kinds of clothes suit you, what sort of hairstyle would look good, and any other elements of fashion that can really make you stand out.

We do the same thing, only for your teeth! When you come to us for a smile makeover we start by asking you what you want. From there we determine which of our cosmetic treatments you’ll need to make that look a reality! Over the course of several months and a series of procedures we’ll take your smile from something you hate to something you just love to show off!

What Is The Process Like?
A smile makeover at our Edgewood dentist office starts with a consultation visit. While you’re here we’ll have you answer a smile assessment survey that will help us determine the best way to get you a great look. It can include things like what you don’t like about your smile, how you rate your teeth, and other things that can influence your perception of your look.

Our survey also asks you what you like about other people’s smiles – that’s a key factor in helping you find the right treatments!

We’ll then perform a full exam to determine if you’re eligible for the treatments you need. We’ll work up a treatment plan that includes any necessary treatment prior to your cosmetic sequence and you’ll be ready to start your journey to a new look!

As a last step we’ll use digital 3D modeling to show you what your new smile will look like after all your procedures have been completed. We then use a physical wax model to produce your smile in a physical form so that you can give final approval for your treatment plan. Then it’s off to your first treatment!

Procedures That Are Part Of A Smile Makeover
Any cosmetic services we offer could be part of a smile makeover!

  • veneers can be used to cover your teeth with wafer-thin porcelain. They can be used to reshape, whiten, cover deep stains, and even fix chips!
  • teeth whitening can take your smile shades lighter in no time at all! Many of our patients see visible results in just one treatment!
  • Invisalign is used to straighten your teeth in less time than ever and all without a single visible appliance! Using a series of clear plastic trays we can create a straight smile for you in less than a year!
  • Microbrasion can take off damaged or uneven layers of enamel that have made your teeth stained or uneven. With just a single visit we can unlock the smooth, beautiful teeth hidden beneath!
  • Gum reshaping can eliminate your gummy smile and turn it beautiful in no time. We use advanced dental lasers to reshape your gums without a single incision! This also reduces healing time, infection possibility, and completely prevents bleeding!

That’s only some of the techniques we offer. Be sure to check out our cosmetic dentistry page to learn about all your options!

Ready For A New You?
A smile makeover can really change how people see you and how you interact with the world. Find the confidence you’ve always knew you could have with a smile makeover at Edgewood Dental Care!

Call us today to start your smile makeover. You can reach us by calling 859-474-7830 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!