Millions of people straighten their smiles every year with orthodontics. With advances in dental care, more teens and adults are taking advantage of this kind of care.

If you want straight teeth without any gaps or bite issues, then you may be considering orthodontic treatment, too. Our team in Edgewood, KY is ready to help with a variety of options. Let us help you find the right one for your situation.

Traditional Braces

This is what most people are familiar with. A series of brackets are placed on your teeth, and a wire connects the brackets. They work in tandem to pull your teeth into new positions.

Full-Banded Braces

These braces have bands that are placed completely around your tooth. This treatment can be the best option for patients with severe alignment issues.


Clear aligners have proven to be extremely effective at transforming smiles. They also are more discreet than braces. This makes them particularly appealing for adult patients, although many teens prefer Invisalign as well.

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