For better or worse, the term “fake news” is common these days. Because anyone can say whatever they want online, there can be a lot of confusion over how to stay healthy. Low-fat or keto? Does a glass of wine help or hurt?
The same is true about dental health. There are a lot of people sharing “fake news” about fluoride treatments and what it can do for you. While it’s not as needed as 100 years ago, this mineral is still perfectly safe. More importantly, it can really help children and adults maintain strong, healthy smiles.

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How Fluoride Helps

Why did they start putting fluoride into water and toothpaste anyway? The story goes like this. Researchers discovered that some wells naturally have fluoride in the water. The people drinking from those wells had much better teeth than those who drank different water. After decades of research, scientists understand why.

Fluoride strengthens your enamel. This is the white, strong material that covers your teeth. It acts like armor protecting the soft nerve endings and blood vessels inside. That’s why cavities and worn spots are a problem. If the enamel gets damaged bad enough, you might need a tooth extraction to stay healthy and comfortable.

This is why children often get fluoride treatments. They are still growing, and the science shows how fluoride strengthens enamel. It can even reverse microscopic damage so the teeth are more resistant to damage. By helping kids now, you strengthen their smiles. However, adults can get these treatments as well since everyone deserves healthier teeth.

Learn Why It’s Safe

If this is so good for teeth, why do some people say to avoid it? Mostly, it’s due to a lack of understanding about fluoride. But rest assured, the amount in drinking water, toothpaste, and treatments from a dentist are safe.

First, some people call fluoride a chemical as if that means it’s a bad thing. But this is a natural mineral. It even enters drinking water naturally, which is how dentists first learned about its benefits. Yes, it is added to things like tap water. But we add vitamin D to milk and iodine to salt, and those are both minerals as well.

Speaking of salt, that’s why the kind of fluoride used by dentists is safe. By itself, chlorine is a dangerous substance. But when combined with sodium, it creates table salt. Much the same way, there is a type of fluoride that can be harmful, but that’s not what a dentist uses! The kind used at our Edgewood, KY office is perfectly safe. Too much of anything is bad, of course, but the amount used for your teeth is fine even with what you get from water and toothpaste.

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