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If you’re ready to relieve your dental anxiety and get the dental care you need, call our trusted Edgewood, KY dentists in Edgewood Dental Care to learn about your dental sedation options today!

Unlike many dentists who use outside specialists to provide sedation, our Edgewood, KY dentists are highly trained in administering all types of sedation in-house for your added convenience!

Our dental office is a judgment-free zone, and our Edgewood, KY dentists and compassionate team of dental professionals will do everything we can to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed during your visit.

Inhaled Sedation

Inhaled sedation can be used for anything from dental cleanings and exams to a cosmetic dentistry procedure or root canal.

To sedate you with a gas, you will breathe in a mixture of medication and oxygen through a small nose piece. In no time, you will feel light and relaxed. Although you will be awake and able to respond to us, you may not remember much of your procedure.

Inhaled sedation wears off quickly, so you will feel back to normal right after the procedure. This also allows you to drive yourself from our office.

Oral Sedation

Before your visit, we will give you a prescription for a pill that you will take before your appointment. By doing so, you will arrive at our office already calm and stress-free about the procedure.

Oral sedation may wear off by the end of your appointment, or it can last a little longer. You may also feel a little groggy and sleepy before the effects have fully worn off. You will need a ride to and from the office.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is the deepest level of sedation. This makes it an ideal way to relax patients who are extremely anxious or have dental phobia. We can also use it if you have a bad gag reflex or need several procedures done comfortably in one visit.

We will administer your IV sedation, and you will immediately begin to feel relaxed as the medication takes effect. We are certified to know exactly how to monitor you throughout your treatment.

You will need to have someone drive you home as the sedation wears off.

Personalized And Comfortable Dentistry

Aside from dental sedation options, we have many other ways to make you comfortable in our Edgewood, KY dentists office:

  • A compassionate team in a relaxing setting
  • Painless Wand anesthesia for numbing
  • Comfort menu
  • Private rooms and longer appointments by request

Dr. Kevin McMahon has achieved Diplomate status in the International Dental Implant Association, received his IV sedation certification with advanced airway and emergency management, achieved Invisalign Preferred Provider status, and has been LANAP certified to treat gum disease.

To set up your next dental appointment with sedation options, contact us by calling 859-474-7830 or by filling out our online form. You will see why so many patients have told us that their first relaxing dental visit ever was at our Edgewood, KY dentists office!

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I tell you what, I have been coming here for more years than I care to admit but I have been a patient of Dr. McMahon’s for a long time. He has never steered me wrong. The staff here is fantastic ...

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Video: Dr. Kevin McMahon on Sedation Options at Edgewood Dental Care

There are three different types of sedation - Nitrous Oxide Sedation, Pill Sedation or Oral Sedation, and the IV Sedation. Watch Dr. McMahon as he explains the difference between the three types of sedation and which one is the best for you. And to know more about sedation dentistry, For more questions about Dr. McMahon and the Edgewood Dental Care, visit or Call 859-474-7830 for more details or to schedule an appointment. Get connected: Facebook - Google+ - Read more articles on our blog: