Feel Relaxed at the Dentist with Sedation Options in Edgewood, KY

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Dental anxiety is real, and it stands in the way of better oral health for millions of people. Don’t be one of them. Feel relaxed at your Edgewood, KY dentist office with sedation options!

At Edgewood Dental Care, you can get past your dental fear for good. Feeling confident about routine dental care is an invaluable benefit to your life because you can:

  • Prevent gum disease and tooth loss.
  • Protect your overall health from gum disease infection.
  • Stay ahead dental problems before they worsen.
  • Keep your natural teeth safer from dental damage.
  • Pursue cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile’s appearance.
  • Maintain a healthy, attractive smile for lifelong confidence!

Sedation dentistry can make all of these benefits a reality in your life. Let our caring, compassionate team at Edgewood Dental Care help you. Call 859-474-7830 now.

Make Dental Treatment Easy With Sedation

Our Edgewood, KY dentists have the training and experience to safely administer three different forms of dental sedation to suit your needs:

  • Inhaled Sedation – By breathing in a mixture of oxygen and medication, you can quickly ease back in our heated massage chair and let the sedative take the edge off. It’s safe for all ages, will take effect and wear off immediately, and allows mildly fearful patients to get the treatment they need more easily.
  • Oral Sedation – You might have a longer treatment lined up and would like a stronger sedative to calm your nerves. Oral sedation is a great choice! You’ll receive a prescription to take before your appointment, so your body will be deeply relaxed and your mind at ease. For safety purposes, you’ll need to have someone drive you to and from your appointment.
  • IV Sedation – This is the strongest form of sedation. It allows patients with dental phobia, a sensitive gag reflex, low pain tolerance, or multiple treatments planned during a single appointment to be in a deep state of relaxation. We’re trained to monitor the sedative level throughout your procedure and can adjust it as needed. As with oral sedation, you would also need to arrange transportation.

Feel Confident About Dental Care With Our Personalized Approach

We’re committed to making Edgewood Dental Care a warm, judgment-free zone where you always feel safe, heard, and supported during your visits. In addition to sedation, that means:

  • Personalizing your care with private rooms and longer appointments by request
  • Offering comfort items such as refreshments, blankets, pillows, massage chairs, and more
  • Investing in the latest technology for faster, more comfortable treatments

It’s easy to see the possibilities for your smile with all our relaxation, comfort, and sedation options in Edgewood, KY! To learn more or to schedule your appointment, call 859-474-7830 today.

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