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Dental Cleanings & Exams

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Keeping your teeth clean is the best way to prevent dental disease and decay. Daily brushing and flossing go a long way to keeping your mouth healthy. However, they are not enough on their own to make sure you stay decay and disease-free. Our knowledgeable dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants have received the training needed to keep your smile fresh and clean. With our professional dental cleanings and dental exams, we use our dental equipment and tools that can clean on and between your teeth where you can’t. We also know what to look for when it comes to signs of decay and disease. Our cutting-edge dental technology assists us in detecting dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease. It also helps us plan the best treatments for you.

What Can I Expect at My Dental Cleaning and Exam?

Our dental cleanings and dental exams require just one visit to our office. Whether you have never been to the dentist before or are a new patient at Edgewood Dental, we will welcome you all the same. When you come and see our Edgewood, KY dentists, you will be greeted by the front desk when you sign in for your appointment. We will have a designated staff member welcome you and give you a tour of the office. If you have not completed your new patient forms from our website before your visit, you will complete them at this time.

We love new patients here at Edgewood Dental Care, so we show our appreciation by giving you a new patient gift bag. After your introduction to our office, you will go back to one of our state-of-the-art dental exams rooms to see the dental hygienist for your cleaning. She will introduce herself and ask if you have any complaints that we need to look at for you during your appointment.

We will also take digital dental X-rays, which give us amazingly clear pictures of your teeth and jawbone. Our digital X-rays save you time because they require no film processing. They are also far safer than traditional X-rays that expose you to much higher levels of radiation.

Next, our hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth and remove all plaque and tartar buildup. These contribute to dental disease and decay. She will brush your teeth, floss them, and polish them to a beautiful shine. Then, Dr. McMahon or one of our other dentists will come in to meet you, look at your X-rays for signs of problems, and examine your mouth for disease and decay. He will also do any additional cleaning as needed and provide you with helpful hygiene and nutrition tips to keep your teeth shining for as long as possible.

After Your Cleaning

When your cleaning is done, you will notice how much cleaner your mouth and teeth feel as you go to pay for your exam. New patients pay just $89 for their first exam! If you have any follow-up procedures, we will help you schedule them at a time that’s convenient for you. If you have questions about how much it will cost, ask us about payment options, like our in-house savings plan or no-interest financing.

If you are ready for your dental cleanings and dental exams, we would love to help set up your appointment. Contact our Edgewood, KY dentists at 859-474-7830 or fill out our convenient online appointment form. We try to see all new patients within a week, and we can also work out family visits in the same day if needed.

If you’re very anxious about your appointment, let us know. Our staff will do everything they can to make you feel comfortable, from asking you to help yourself to a beverage at our coffee bar, talking to you to settle your nerves, and letting you choose items from our patient comfort menu (TV, blankets, etc.). We also offer sedation options to help relax you throughout your cleaning.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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