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Dental Crowns & Bridges

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Missing, damaged, and decayed teeth can prevent you from smiling or talking to anyone outside your closest circle of friends and family. For you, smiling could mean showing someone that your teeth are in bad shape, an easy way for people to wrongly judge how you take care of yourself. Damaged or missing teeth affect more than your smile. They can also negatively affect your oral health. Dr. McMahon and the Edgewood Dental Care team believe that everyone has the right to a beautiful smile. It doesn’t matter why your teeth are the way they are – we have solutions for your missing and damaged teeth. Our CEREC dental crowns and dental bridges can restore your smile and the normal actions of your mouth.

CEREC Same-Day Crowns

Crowns are caps shaped like your teeth that fit directly over your damaged tooth. Crowns can help protect a tooth from damage when a tooth-colored filling isn’t enough to repair the amount of decay. We often use dental crowns to protect your remaining tooth structure after a root canal treatment.

Here in Edgewood, KY, we are proud to offer advanced CEREC technology to bring you same-day crowns. Only about 10 percent of dental offices offer CEREC, or CEramic REConstruction. With CEREC, Dr. McMahon’s office can get digital impressions, make your perfectly fitting crown, and place your crown all in one visit!

The Process

Before we place a crown, we’ll remove any disease and infection prior to your crown placing appointment. When you come for your visit, we will use a digital scanner to quickly give us a digital impression of your tooth. We send this impression to a special computer, which uses the image to create an extremely accurate 3D crown. Dr. McMahon can adjust the crown as needed. Then, he will send this 3D model to a milling machine right here in our office. The machine uses a single block of ceramic, matched to the color of your tooth, to create your perfect dental crowns in minutes.

After the crown has been made, Dr. McMahon will add any finishing touches before bonding it to your tooth. Then, he will shine the tooth, and you will be ready to go share your smile!

With CEREC crowns, there’s no need for a lab to make your crown or for you to wear temporaries while you wait for it. From start to finish, the whole process takes just 1 hour. It’s hard to imagine that you could walk into our office with an unsightly damaged tooth and walk out with a beautiful new tooth!

In order to do crowns now days, a high percentage of them we do with CAD/CAM computer assisted design which is the Cerec machine. So the procedure itself is the same, the way the crown is made and fabricated and the way we take the impression is different. There is no impression material on your mouth, there are no choking issues that people have to bite down on the impression material. It is basically scanned, put in the computer, rendered in 3D and then in turn, it is actually cut out, milled and heated then glazed and stained in the office which it is a comparable crown. It is the same crown you would get at a laboratory although we are doing it here. So it saves us a temporary abutment and it is efficient and works out for people.

Dental Bridges

Even one missing tooth can change the way you chew or speak. Missing teeth can also shift your teeth and cause bone loss.

Dental bridges can restore your eating and speaking abilities and improve the health of your mouth. These dental restorations “bridge” the gap that your missing tooth leaves in your mouth. It can be used to replace a single missing tooth or several adjacent missing teeth. To fill in the gap for a single missing tooth, a bridge consists of an artificial tooth with a crown on either side of the gap. Dr. McMahon cements this fixture directly onto the two teeth beside your missing tooth.

To support the two abutment crowns, the two teeth on either side of the gap must be healthy. If you are missing more than one tooth in a row, you may need more than the two surrounding teeth to be healthy in order to provide the additional support. Dr. McMahon may need to file down some of the enamel of the two abutment teeth to ensure the crowns fit snugly.

The Process

To make your bridge, Dr. McMahon uses the same CEREC technology to create the dental crowns and artificial tooth. After your precisely fitting teeth are made, he will be ready to cement the bridge to your teeth. To do this completely pain-free, he will provide you with anesthesia via The Wand. If you are stressed or anxious, you may benefit from sedation options as well. After making sure your bridge fits well and polishing it to a sheen, you can walk out confidently with a beautiful, natural-looking replacement to your missing tooth!

With proper care, dental crowns and dental bridges can last for many years. We will provide you with the information you need to keep them intact and your smile strong. If you are looking for a permanent solution to your missing tooth, you may want to consider an implant instead. You and Dr. McMahon can discuss the best option for you at your consultation.

Our goal is to provide you with the best and most comfortable dental care possible. This is why we have chosen same-day CEREC technology to create your dental crowns and dental bridges. If CEREC sounds like an ideal way to repair or replace your tooth, call our Edgewood, KY dentists today for an appointment at 859-474-7830.

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