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Smile Makeover

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Take a look at your smile in the mirror. Can you point out everything you like and dislike about your smile, from the color to the shape and size of your teeth? What if there was a way to change everything you don’t like about your smile so that you can get the smile of your dreams? Our Edgewood, KY dentists has a way to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted with smile makeover.

Our smile makeover lets you assess every aspect of your smile so that we can recommend and coordinate all of the cosmetic treatments you need, from whiter teeth to veneers and more. Dr. McMahon applies his advanced training and the latest dental technology to bring you this ultimate smile solution. He will even show you beforehand what your final smile will look like, so that you know exactly what to expect and can make changes if needed.

How Does a Smile Makeover Work?

Our smile make overs go through many phases of careful planning and execution to give you the best outcome.

Smile Self-Assessment

First, we will have you evaluate your smile. We’ll ask you to take a good look at what features you like and dislike, including:

  • the size, shape, and length of your teeth
  • the shade and color of your teeth (are they stained or discolored? do you want whiter teeth?)
  • damaged teeth from cracks, chips, fractures
  • flaws such as pits, grooves, or bulges
  • gaps in your teeth
  • crooked or uneven teeth
  • bad bite (overbite and underbite)
  • missing teeth
  • the appearance of your gums (too high? too low? uneven?)

We’ll also ask you to consider qualities you like in other people’s smiles that you’d like to replicate in your own.


To see what smile makeover treatments can work for you, you’ll come to Edgewood, KY dentists office for an initial consultation with Dr. McMahon. He will examine your mouth to make sure it is healthy before beginning your cosmetic treatments. With X-rays and other dental technology, he will check for signs of oral disease, decay, and infection and treat any existing problems first. He will also use the X-rays to look at your jawbone and tooth structure to determine what treatments will work best for you.

Digital Mock-ups

After your assessment and our exam, you can start your digital mock-ups. Our incredible digital technology allows Dr. McMahon to show you onscreen what your ideal smile will look like. Using the exam information and your assessment, Dr. McMahon will work with you to decide which cosmetic treatments will give you the appearance you want. You can make final adjustments to your dream smile before any procedures begin.

Physical Wax-ups

From your digital mock-ups, Dr. McMahon will create a wax model of your ideal smile. This real model will let you see what your final smile will look like in person. Once you approve the wax mock-up, Dr. McMahon will use the model to help create your veneers, implants, Snap-on Smile, Invisalign aligners, whitening trays, and crowns before each phase of your smile design. Our scheduling team will create your plan that coordinates all of your treatment appointments.


Now you are ready to start getting the smile you’ve always wanted! At each appointment, you can see what every phase of your plan looks like. If there are adjustments you want to make along the way, you can simply talk to our Edgewood, KY dentists and make changes if you’d like.

Our office is dedicated to your comfort throughout your smile makeover. Our state-of-the-art dental technology helps make your visits faster, reduces pain, and speeds up healing. If you are anxious about your treatments, don’t worry – we can offer you sedation options to make your cosmetic treatments relaxing. You’ll also enjoy our comfort menu items, like blankets and headphones or TV to keep you occupied during your treatments.

Are you ready to reinvent your smile and regain your confidence? Contact our Edgewood, KY dentists for a consultation by phone at 859-474-7830 or through our online form. We look forward to working with you on your beautiful, new smile!

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