If you think “dentist,” you may be one of millions of Americans who become afraid at just the thought of a visit and completely avoid the dentist out of fear. There are a lot of reasons people fear the dentist. Although you may fear the actual doctor because you’ve been judged or lectured in the past due to the condition of your mouth, you don’t have to worry about that at Edgewood Dental Care! We’re a guilt-free zone whose dentists and staff are here to care for you, make you comfortable, and get your dental health back on track for a beautiful smile!

If you’re afraid of the costs, we can help discuss your treatment costs before you make a decision. We can also offer financing options to help you pay for the dentist. Read last month’s blog post to see how we can relieve these and other fears of the dentist.

Today, we’re going to look at one source of dental anxiety and specific treatments people are afraid of most. All of these fears boil down to pain! We’ve had thousands of patients come through the office to have us perform procedures that they expected would hurt based on what they’d heard before, what they’d experienced before, or what they’ve seen in movies or on TV! With our painless treatments, many leave the office with no more fear of the dentist.

Three treatments our patients fear most are root canals, extractions, and fillings. If you’ve been avoiding the dentist because you think you need one of these treatments, read on! You’ll be glad you did.

Root Canals
When you think about root canals, you probably think of pain! You’re not alone! Old techniques in dentistry meant painful root canals and a long, uncomfortable healing process. Today, however, we can offer painless root canal treatment! Instead of causing you pain, our root canal treatments are a quick way to get RID of pain and painlessly save your tooth!

How do we make root canals painless? First, we use The Wand anesthesia. We understand that a lot of people are afraid of painful shots at the dentist. Not so here! We don’t want you to have a painful injection, so our system gets you numb in no time with no painful shots!

Second, we can use sedation dentistry if you are very fearful of your root canal. Although most people are perfectly fine with our painless injections and the competent hands of our skilled doctors, others need an extra helping hand with sedation. It will allow you to relax through your entire root canal appointment!

Teeth Extractions
If you’ve been told you need a tooth extracted or suspect you need one removed, you’re probably like many of our patients who had been afraid of the process before they came. We think you’ll feel like them after your appointment is over, though! Just like with our root canal procedure, we use The Wand painless injections and sedation dentistry, if needed. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and painlessly we can safely extract your tooth!

If your tooth was causing you pain before, you’ll also be grateful to have the pain relieved. However, you may also feel embarrassed about your smile that now has a big, gaping hole in it. Although this is a different type of fear, it’s normal to be concerned about a missing tooth in your smile. But we have great solutions for your missing tooth! Our dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option that restores not only your smile but also your bone structure, eating abilities, and speaking problems from extractions! We can even place implants and give you a full set of teeth in the same appointment!

We also offer quality dentures and bridges to replace your teeth after extractions. Ask our doctors what solution is best for you.

Dental Fillings
If you’re scared of the dentist, we’ll bet you associate fillings with drilling. Did you know that with white fillings, we can preserve more of your natural teeth? Because the composite material of the filling molds to your teeth, we are able to perform this procedure with more comfort for you. And, just like our root canal and teeth extraction procedures, we can use The Wand anesthesia and sedation, which eliminates the sights and sounds of dentistry.

If you need a root canal, extraction, or tooth-colored filling, let the team at Edgewood Dental Care provide you with painless procedures in a personalized, comfortable environment. Contact us today and see how we can relieve your pain and restore your healthy, beautiful smile!