Our Edgewood Ky., dental office takes pride in helping scared or anxious patients get the care they need. We understand that every patient has specific dental needs. That’s why we offer a wide array of dental services and treat patients of all ages.

One of the biggest hurdles we dentists face is anxious patients. Some patients who come to us have had bad dental experiences in the past, while other are simple not comfortable in the dental chair. We have special services, like sedation dentistry, that can help you relax. And we also explain every facet of the treatment, so you’re certain about what you’ll feel in your mouth.

Here is a little more information about us for the perspective of our patient Jodi. She had unfortunately had trouble with her teeth but found her dental home at Edgewood Dental Care. If you are anxious about the dentist, our Edgewood Dental Care staff can help make you comfortable. Call us today at 859-474-7830.