How to Choose a Great Family Dentist, Part 3

Thanks for joining us for Part 3 of our blog series on choosing a family dentist in Edgewood, KY! For our first blog post in the series, we talked about convenient services in one location, convenient appointments, and same-day emergency appointments. In our second blog post, we shared the importance of choosing a team you can trust to care for your whole family’s smiles! We said not to underestimate the value of the doctors’ experience and attitude toward your family, from the youngest to the oldest member!

Today, we’ll continue talking about some of the important things your family dentist should offer to make you comfortable and enjoy your experience at the dentist.

Comfortable Office

If you’ve ever been to an office that’s not comfortable, it can make you more nervous about the treatments you’ll receive or just the visit itself, even if it’s only a checkup! This is true no matter how old you are. And if your kids feel uncomfortable at a doctor, they’ll start to associate that negative aspect with going to the doctor. This can make it harder for them to go as kids and as they grow up. You know this is true if you’ve felt uncomfortable before.

In our last blog article, we mentioned how our staff will treat you like family and have positive, caring attitudes that will help you and your kids feel comfortable. That’s obviously important, but what about the office itself?

We know how important an environment is for comfort. That’s why we’ve created a comfortable office where your family can feel at home! Check out some of the ways we can make your family relaxed while you’re here:

  • Coffee and snack bar: You and your kids can enjoy a hot beverage, water, and even healthy snacks in our waiting room while you watch a little TV.
  • Comfort menu: Choose from our “comfort menu” items to help keep you comfortable: headphones, blankets, music, and even lip balm.
  • TVs: We have flat-screen TVs in every room, so your kids can be distracted from their appointment by watching some cartoons, or you can choose your favorite TV show while you’re in the chair.
  • Heated massage chairs: A family is a big responsibility and can be a little stressful sometimes! Why not relax in one of our state-of-the-art massage chairs during your treatment?
  • Windows: We have windows in every room so that you can view nature during your visit – the hills, trees, and even the lake that’s right by our office.

Comfortable Treatments

Have you had painful or very uncomfortable treatments at the dentist before? Maybe it was your child who experienced pain, and ever since they’ve been hesitant to go back to the dentist. We take your family’s comfort very seriously here, beyond just our team and office environment. That’s why “comfortable” is in our motto! We also want your treatments to be as comfortable as possible!

Our doctors and hygienists practice with gentle hands to reduce any pain or discomfort you might feel. But we also take advantage of cutting-edge technology to make your treatments comfortable.

  • Digital X-rays: No more uncomfortable X-rays! We use only digital X-rays to get comfortable, quick images of your or your child’s mouth. These also dramatically reduce radiation exposure, as compared to traditional X-rays.
  • Digital impressions: Using our iTero machine, we’ve eliminated uncomfortable, messy impressions from our office! This is great for orthodontic treatment to implant surgery.
  • Sedation dentistry: From simple to complex procedures, you or your child can relax with sedation options. Learn more about those here.
  • Painless injections: This is a big reason kids and adults don’t look forward to going to the family dentist. Using The Wand, we can provide local anesthesia with a pain-free injection! You won’t feel a thing for fillings, root canals, extractions, and more.

A bonus of our comfortable treatments? They can also save you time because they’re faster and can keep you relaxed, allowing us to complete treatments more efficiently.

Watch some of our patients talk about how comfortable they felt on their visits here!

Comfortable Payments

Many families skip out on regular appointments because they cannot afford to go. There are so many ways you have to budget and spend your money with a family, and you don’t need huge dental bills contributing to your costs.

Don’t settle for a family dentist who can’t help you pay for your visits. Here, we work with low-interest and no-interest financing options, including Lending Club and CareCredit. We also have an in-house savings plan and accept most insurances.

Make an Appointment for Your Family

These are just a few things to consider when you’re choosing a family dentist! If you’re interested in all that Edgewood Dental Care can offer your family to make going to the dentist convenient and comfortable, contact us today to make an appointment!