Few dental procedures have been as maligned as the poor old root canal. For some reason, it’s developed a reputation as being painful — even torturous. In fact, in popular parlance, it’s become synonymous with a particularly awful experience.

We’re not quite sure why endodontic therapy has such a grisly reputation. It could be that people who need the procedure tend to be in pain due to their infection, so they associate the pain-ending root canal with misery. Or perhaps in earlier days, before modern dental technology improved patient comfort drastically, the technique was quite a bit more painful than it is today.

We’d like to clear something up: a modern root canal is generally no more uncomfortable than getting a regular filling in your tooth. Read on to learn the truth about the most common root canal myths.

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Myth #1: Root Canals Are Painful

At least at Edgewood Dental Care, this is just not true. In fact, if you are suffering from an abscess or infection, we will get rid of your dental pain.

We will make sure you are thoroughly numbed before we begin the procedure. And you don’t have to fear the sting of the anesthesia needle, thanks to our Wand painless anesthesia delivery system.

If you need a little extra help easing your nerves, we offer three levels of dental sedation.
We will remove every trace of decay, seal up the tooth, and protect it with a dental crown. Easy- peasy.

Myth #2: A Root Canal Will Make You Sick

Decades ago, a study was conducted that seemed to indicate that bacteria trapped inside the tooth after a root canal could cause illness throughout the body. Although this “research” has since been thoroughly debunked, the myth lives on.

Myth #3: Endodontic Therapy Won’t Last

Some of our patients are hesitant to undergo root canal therapy because they think it’s just prolonging the inevitable extraction. And why go through all of that if the tooth will just be pulled out down the road anyway?

The truth is that with proper care and a dental crown to protect it, there is no reason to believe your newly restored tooth won’t last the rest of your life. And it’s always better to keep your own pearly whites whenever possible.

Myth #4: If You’re Not in Pain, You Don’t Need a Root Canal

Many people are wary of dentists who recommend a root canal when they aren’t feeling any pain. But in some cases, the reason you don’t feel discomfort is that your tooth and its nerves are already dead. And a dead tooth requires endodontic therapy to prevent infection from setting in. We have tests we can conduct to determine if this is the case with your tooth.

So there you have it — root canal myths debunked. If you are suffering tooth pain or would like to schedule an appointment for any of our dental services, call Edgewood Dental Care of Edgewood KY at 859-474-7830. We also have a convenient online contact form.