At Edgewood Dental Care we’re always looking for new ways to show our patients how much we appreciate them. We’ve built a dentist office based on comfort, compassion, and great care to make each and every visit great, and now we’re excited to introduce our patient referral program! Along with our other specials and promotions we’re glad we can offer just one more way to make your dental care exceptionally great!

How Does The Patient Referral Program Work?
It’s pretty simple, actually! Whenever a new patient comes in we ask them if someone referred them. If you’re the lucky patient who’s friend or family member is our new patient then we’ll send you a gift card! That’s right – for every new adult patient your refer to us you’ll get a gift card AND you’ll be entered into our bi-monthly prize drawing!

Our prizes aren’t just some cheap gimmick either – in June we gave away an iPad Mini and just last month we gave away a family season pass to the Newport Aquarium! You could be the lucky winner and you’ll get one entry for each referral who becomes a regular patient!

We love being able to give away great prizes and gifts by welcoming new patients to our dental care family in Edgewood! We hope that your name will be in our drawing pool soon!

What Kind Of Care Do My Friends and Family Have To Get?
We aren’t placing any kinds of limits on what kind of care your referral patients need – we are glad to offer all of our services up to any new visitors! Whether they need a cleaning, orthodontic care, or anything else we’re here for them – and you!

The Importance Of Regular Care
Hopefully your friends and family know the importance of regular dental care. If you’re one of our patients you surely do, but it’s important to spread the word about the importance of caring for your teeth! There are a lot of reasons people avoid the dentist – some of them might have even applied to you in the past! If you have a friend or family member scared of the dentist we want to help make their experience great!

  • Have they been avoiding the dentist due to dental anxiety? If so make sure to tell them all about our anxiety relief options! We’ve built our Edgewood dentist office around providing care that’s truly compassionate and free of fear and we’ll do whatever we can to help them!
  • Maybe they had a bad experience in the past – if you’ve been coming here you know we do a lot to make your appointments good experiences! Make sure to share with them all the ways we gained your trust so they know we’re a safe place to trust with their teeth!
  • Are they scared of pain? That’s understandable – a lot of people think dentistry is painful! We always offer anesthesia if it’s needed! It’s difficult to truly make dentistry pain-free but we do our best to try!
  • Overwhelming fear and anxiety is always a possibility – if a friend or family member is simply too terrified to go to the dentist make sure to tell them all about our dental sedation options! For some people the best way to get through a dentist appointment is sedation, and we’re glad to extend that option!
  • There are a lot of things that can go wrong in your mouth but there’s one great thing about most those problems: they’re entirely preventable! Your mouth is surprisingly tough and with regular care and maintenance you, your friends, and your family can have healthy smiles that last a lifetime!

Need To See Us?
Whether you need to set up an appointment for yourself or want to give our number to someone else feel free to call Edgewood Dental Care whenever you need help! You can reach us at 859-474-7830 and you can also request an appointment right here online!

We look forward to seeing you, your friends, and your family soon!