Being scared of the dentist is a stark reality for a lot of people. In fact, surveys seem to put the number of dental-phobic people somewhere in the 25 percent range. That’s a lot of people avoiding the dentist because they’re just too scared to deal with the fear.

Plenty of those kinds of patients have found their way to our Edgewood dentist office, and we’re glad we can say that we’ve helped a lot of them overcome their fears and get the dental care they need to live well. If you count yourself among the quarter of people who are terrified of the dentist we want to help!

You Can Beat Your Fear
Defeating your dental anxiety starts with realizing where it comes from. Can you think back to a particular incident in your past that has triggered a lot of anxiety? How about a story of a horrible experience? It could have even been a movie or TV show that triggered your fear – the possibilities are endless! Of all those origins for your fear one thing is far more important than the specifics. It’s where that fear comes from: the past.

Almost every fear and anxiety you have is a reaction to something that happened in your past. The key to beating these fears is locked away in that very fact: it was the past. It can be hard to see your predicament as that easy to fix, and in all honesty it isn’t. It can be incredibly difficult to face your fears and conquer them through your own willpower but it is something you can do.

Understanding Your Fear In Order To Beat It
If all your anxieties are based on past experience, how does that translate into a fear of the future? The problem is that we tend to assume one bad experience means they’ll all be bad. If you had a rude dentist then chances are we all are, or if a filling hurt then surely they’ll all be that bad … right?
We’re all guilty of that kind of thinking once in a while. Problems arise when you start thinking like that constantly. If you gave into every fear you had where would you be today? Have you ever been rejected by a potential date? Embarrassed by something you did in public? Been in a car accident? All of these situations are common and can result in a lot of unwarranted fear. If you want to go on living a normal life you have to conquer those fears and move on. The same goes for beating your fear of dentistry.

Putting Your Fears Where They Belong: In The Past!
Just because you’ve had a bad dental care experience doesn’t mean that your future care is going to be that way, especially with the modern conveniences and technology we have. Dentistry has truly undergone a transformation in the past few decades, going from simply treating problems to actually focusing on patient care. We want to help you put your past behind you so that you can get needed dental care without worry.

At Edgewood Dental Care we’re committed to providing a pleasant, welcoming, and comfortable environment. We want you, our most sensitive patients, to feel at ease with their dental care. You’ll never be judged, made to feel inferior, or talked down to at our office. We’ll take all the time YOU need to help you feel good about your care.

Going The Extra Mile
Conquering your fears might take a while – for a lot of patients it can be beaten but there’s still a need for some help at first. We’re glad to help you relax with our dental sedation options, which can leave you feeling completely at ease despite your fear. If you’re that scared we can even use IV sedation to put you in a “twilight” state. You’ll just wake up after your procedure with no memory of it at all.

We truly want to help you find the right path toward beating your dental anxiety. Avoiding care because you’re scared is a good way to end up with expensive, extensive dental care needs later on in life, most of which can be avoided by seeing us at Edgewood Dental Care every six months. Don’t find yourself stuck with a huge dental bill and cavity-filled teeth when we can eliminate your risks before they become serious!

Make an appointment today so we can talk about your options and help you find relief. You can reach Edgewood Dental Care at 859-474-7830 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!