Through regular dental exams, dental cleanings, and preventive treatments, we do all we can at Edgewood Dental Care to keep your teeth whole and healthy – it’s why Angie’s List honored us with a Super Service Award. But sometimes a patient still develops a cavity or a new patient comes to us in need of more extensive work.

Many times Dr. McMahon can take care of a small cavity with a tooth-colored filling, but what if you need more than filling? What are your options? We offer nearly every dental treatment and procedure you could ever need in Northern Kentucky at Edgewood Dental Care. Call us and book an appointment, so a friendly member of our team can answer any questions you might have and walk you through the steps of your procedure. In the meantime, check out this quick guide for treatment at each level of tooth decay.

Dental Fillings For Mild Tooth Decay
Through regular dental exams, we’re able to catch most cavities early. If you just have a minor cavity, we can often remove the decay and treat your tooth with a tooth-colored filling that won’t draw attention to itself when you smile like a metal filling would. Our tooth-colored fillings are made out of a strong, mercury-free composite material that bonds to your teeth. So, your filling should last you several years.

Crowns For Moderate Tooth Decay
For a cavity that’s too large for a filling, we can remove your tooth decay and fit your tooth with a dental crown. A dental crown will strengthen your tooth and protect it from further damage.

Again, no old-fashioned metal crowns here. We are among the 1 in 10 dental offices that can offer their patients CEREC technology. With CEREC, we can make digital impressions of your teeth and create your custom-made ceramic crown in less than an hour – that’s a brand-new tooth in less time than it takes you to get your hair colored!

Root Canal Treatment For Critical Tooth Decay
Cavities too deep for a filling can often be treated with a root canal. Root canals can also treat a broken tooth, a tooth that’s had repeated procedures, and a tooth that’s experienced trauma. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, call us. Do not delay. Your pain could be caused by an abscessed tooth. If left untreated, the infection could spread to other parts of your body, including your heart.

Many patients tense up at the thought of a root canal, but your root canal treatment at Edgewood Dental Care will be done by a skilled dental professional under the care of anesthesia delivered painlessly with The Wand. And for particularly anxious patients, we offer three different levels of sedation dentistry.

During a root canal treatment, your dentist will clear out the infected pulp inside your tooth that’s been causing you pain. Next, your tooth will be sealed off, then fitted with a custom CEREC ceramic dental crown made right here in our dental office.

Extraction For A Tooth That Cannot Be Saved
While we will take every measure to alleviate your pain and save your tooth, there are certain scenarios where the best course of action will be to extract the tooth. A bad tooth could lead to healthy teeth following suit. Between anesthesia delivered painlessly with The Wand and our sedation dentistry options, you should feel no discomfort at all during your tooth’s extraction.

If you have a tooth extracted, you need a replacement tooth. A missing tooth can open up your gums and other teeth to infection. An empty space can cause your other teeth to shift out of place, which, as you can imagine, can have an unflattering impact on your smile.

We often recommend dental implants for replacing a missing tooth, because, with a little care, they can last you a lifetime. Dental implants actually bond with your jaw much in the same your natural teeth do, so they can help prevent bone loss, unlike other tooth replacement options. We offer many types of dental implants:

  • Traditional full-size implants are ideal for replacing larger back teeth.
  • Mini implants are ideal for anyone who’s lost too much bone to support full-size dental implants.
  • Immediate-load implants allow us to place and restore your dental implants same day.
  • Implant-retained dentures give dentures a secure hold.

Other options we offer for replacing missing teeth are dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures.
From routine dental cleanings, to general dentistry needs like tooth fillings, to restorative dentistry treatments like dental implants, Edgewood Dental Care can care for your smile. Now that you know, put your new knowledge to use and give us a call at 859-474-7830 or use our convenient online form to schedule your appointment.