Welcome to Edgewood Dental Care! Although our new website has just launched, our Kentucky dental office has been providing cosmetic and family dentistry, restorative dentistry, dental cleanings and exams, and orthodontics in Edgewood, KY, and the surrounding Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati areas for more than 25 years.

We work hard every day to bring you modern, personalized, and comfortable dental care. Our goal to help you forget the old days of dentistry marked by pain, stark and uncomfortable dental offices, and time-consuming procedures and diagnostic tests. Our family dentistry gives you a great environment where you will be welcomed and treated with the utmost care possible.

Modern Dentistry in Edgewood, KY

Dr. McMahon and his team at Edgewood Dental keep up with the latest technology and procedures. Each year, we attend hundreds of hours of continuing education to bring you the best possible dentistry, right here in Kentucky.

Digital Dental X-Rays

One way our technology helps you is with dental X-rays. Normal X-rays require you to put uncomfortable cardboard tabs in your mouth while a series of images are taken of your teeth. Then you have to wait for those images to develop before a dentist can help plan a treatment.

Edgewood Dental Care offers digital X-rays for your convenience. In seconds, we can take a digital X-ray that is both comfortable and safe. It gives us an instant picture of your mouth that’s very clear, helping us identify problems that may have been missed with traditional X-rays. We can know right away what treatments can help you. It also gives off less radiation, making it a safer way to diagnose oral problems.

3D Impressions and Images

Our 3D cone beam CT method takes 3D images of your mouth almost immediately. We can use these to make restorations like same-day crowns and dental implants. We even have a 3D scanner that takes 3D impressions of your mouth. This is a fast way to help you get crowns or implants in just one visit, or the best fitting Invisalign possible. No more uncomfortable dental impressions are required here in our Edgewood, KY office! Our technology helps you smile better and more quickly than has ever been possible before.

Personalized Dentistry

Everyone has heard of one-size-fits-all for clothing and more. Edgewood Dental Care knows that not all patients are created equal. What works for someone else may not work for you and vice versa.
Every time you and your family come into our office, we will get to know you as a person. This will help us understand the needs and goals you have for your own smile. We always keep you updated on everything we are doing, and we don’t do any treatments without your approval and understanding. We are here to provide you with professional recommendations that can help keep your mouth beautiful, but it’s your mouth – we want you to make the decision that’s right for YOU!

Comfortable Dentistry

Afraid of dental pain? So are millions of other people, and many have good reason to be. A lot of our patients had negative experiences at the dentist when they were younger: the painful treatments and injections, the sounds and smells of the dentist, the numbness that kept them from talking afterwards, and the lectures that made them feel humiliated about their mouths.

We never want you to risk your dental health because you’re afraid of the pain. Here’s how we can help!

Sedation Options

Did you know you can relax during your entire treatment? Our sedation dentist, Dr. McMahon, can offer you different levels of sedation depending on how anxious you are. Nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation can give you painless dentistry for anything from a dental cleaning to teeth whitening or a root canal. Read more about our types of sedation here.

Comfort Menu

Need a blanket during your treatment? No problem! What about TV to watch during your procedure? We’ve got you covered! How about coffee or a snack while you wait in our cozy waiting room? We’ve got that, too! Choose from these and more items on our comfort menu to help make your dental visit to Edgewood Dental Care enjoyable.

Wand Anesthesia

Some procedures require us to numb you so that you don’t feel any pain. Many dental offices use painful injections, but here in our Edgewood office, we use The Wand system to deliver painless anesthesia. Best of all, you won’t have lingering numbness afterwards, so you’ll be able to talk after your treatment.
We invite you to browse through our website and see all the ways we can give you and your family healthy, beautiful smiles. Contact us for your next personalized, comfortable appointment at 859-474-7830 or by submitting your request through our online form. We can even make family dental appointments and help you pay for your treatments with our convenient payment options. See you soon!