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Tooth Removal / Extractions

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Our Edgewood, KY dentists know how important keeping your natural teeth is, for both your oral and overall health. We offer many solutions to restore your natural teeth and keep them protected. These include regular professional cleanings, fluoride applications, tooth-colored fillings, bonding, painless root canals, and CEREC crowns. Sometimes, however, your tooth can be so badly damaged that we cannot or should not save it. Damaged teeth can also affect the health of your other teeth or your gums. This may be the case with a diseased tooth that prevents you from chewing, or an infected tooth that puts nearby teeth at risk for infection, too. To keep your mouth healthy, we may recommend tooth removal.

If you need an extraction or tooth removal – don’t panic! Edgewood Dental Care offers painless tooth removal with our sedation options. Dr. McMahon and his team of experienced dentists do all extractions in-house. This means no specialist you don’t know has to come in to take care of your teeth, and you don’t have to drive anywhere else.

The Procedure

Before extracting your tooth, we will take X-rays to get a clear picture of your damaged tooth. This will help us see the underlying bone structure and tooth root so that we can plan the best way to remove your tooth.

Next, Dr. McMahon will administer one of our sedation options to make you relaxed and anxiety-free. He will also use our Wand anesthesia to numb the area without any painful injection. Then, he will carefully extract the tooth. The whole procedure usually takes less than an hour for one tooth.


After your extraction, Dr. McMahon will give you helpful instructions for quick healing. These may include:

  • leaving the gauze over the extraction site for a few hours
  • eating soft and liquid foods for at least a day
  • avoiding pressure, eating, and brushing at the extraction site for a few days
  • avoiding straws
  • avoiding tobacco and smoking
  • avoiding spitting and rinsing for the first day
  • taking pain medication per directions, if needed

Although many people experience little to no discomfort after their tooth removal, our Edgewood, KY dentists can determine whether pain medication can help you heal comfortably. You should be back to normal in a few days after your site has healed.

Because of the sedation, you should plan for someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

Implants for Missing Teeth

If you are interested in a replacement for your missing tooth, let us know. We offer dental implants that can permanently replace single teeth or several teeth in a row. Some implants take just one visit to our office.

If you have a painful toothache, rotten tooth, or broken tooth, don’t be embarrassed about it, leading you to avoid getting proper care. Our Edgewood, KY dentists and caring team is here to offer comfortable, long-lasting solutions, not lectures and guilt trips. Call us at 859-474-7830 or fill out our appointment form online for an appointment. We will get you in as soon as possible and help you relieve your pain!

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